Tuesday, January 22, 2008

How We Met

Carey and I met back in 1997, and have been together ever since. We were wed in June of 2001 in Corpus Christi Texas, and lived in Tulsa Oklahoma for two and a half years afterward. In 2004 we found ourselves having the opportunity to move back to Houston where we could be closer to our families. We siezed this opportunity and have lived there since.
In the meantime, we have had two beautiful children (as anyone will tell you) Taylor age 5, and Will age 17 months. Taylor loves to dance, play outside, and never misses out on the chance to help out when she can. She is such the big helper.
Will is a handful as he loves to get into anything new. Once he finds something he hasnt seen before, he will play with it all day and wont be to happy when it is taken away. He also loves to dance to music, and play with big sister. He never misses the opportunity to give her a hug.
In the short 11 years we have known each other, Carey and I have been blessed imeasureably and never miss the chance to thank God for these blessings. We were both so fortunate to be raised in very strong Christian homes. Our faith is what binds us, and our love will never fail.
Here are a few pics from our wedding rehearsal. We hope you enjoy!