Monday, August 25, 2008

Dearest Taylor

Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you on this very special momentous occasion as you venture out on your own on your first day of school. We knew in the back of our minds that this day would eventually come, however we were caught of guard that it came so fast. So fast in deed that we never really had the time to reflect on what has been, so I would like to do that now.

You have always been the light of our world. Your smile brightens the darkest of days and warms the coldest of nights. The laughter and love you emit on a daily basis cannot ever be measured. You have the warmest heart, and it goes without saying that even as young as you are you have already touched the lives of so many most of whom you don't even know. We can be at a store, a restaurant, a shopping mall, church, the YMCA, or anywhere for that matter, and someone you come into contact with no matter what their circumstances, they always leave with a smile on their face and new hope that the world they live in is a better place because they encountered you. If I had a dollar for every smile I have seen you induce in a total stranger, I would be a very wealthy man. As it is, my riches are beyond measure. Since you entered our lives on Monday December 30th at 10:40pm in Tulsa, Oklahoma your Mother and I have never been the same. We knew we where in for an exciting time, however we could have never anticipated the love you would show us and the rest of the world. Our hearts are filled with so much joy and pride that we are at a loss for words when trying to explain how much we love you. Even though we tell you numerous times throughout each day, and every night before you go to bed it will never seem to be enough.

The last 5 years have not gone without challenges though. You have endured so much with your hand as well as your allergies you had when you were younger. Amazingly, even though it was you enduring the many therapy appointments, painful adjustments to your hand, just to name a few. It was you even at such a young age (1 1/2) that showed me and mommy that all was ok and you were going to be fine. Your courage truly knows no bounds, and at such a young age to show such grown up values is truly remarkable. As you have many surgeries ahead, we know now that you will always say "mommy, daddy, its ok". You have been so brave while facing such adversity, adversity that no child deserves to edure.

We have learned many lessons from you during these past five years, and look forward to the many ahead in our future. We are only reminded that during times like these there will come a day when we will no longer have you by our side. So on this day we can't help but feel a bit sad, as you take another step in life towards that of becoming a woman. We can see those changes every day, as today when you looked so grown up as you left us to go off to school.

So as you leave for school venturing out into the world never to return quite the same, it is our hope and prayer that you continue to blossom into the young lady you have long ago already started to become. We love you so much sweet princess. You will always be our baby girl.


Mommy and Daddy